Our Vision

“We want to be worshippers in love, service, community, action, outreach and lifestyle. Jesus mandate for us was simple ‘Go’ ‘Do’ ‘Be’ in our neighbourhood and touch our world for the glory of God.”


For a long time we have fondly thought of worship as songs that we sing in a Sunday service. Worship demands more of us: it is a lifestyle that reflects God’s heart and love. The most mundane tasks that we do can be worship to God when we do it in an attitude of service for him. Worship is more than something we do, it is the motivation (an attitude) that colours our thoughts and directs our actions.


We all have something we love doing, and can do well. As we use our gifts and skills to help the local church grow and develop, this is our service. The model of church Jesus left with us was of a body of people who are willing to use their gifts to serve each other and build community.


More than just a quick “hello” after a meeting with a cup of tea in your hand and a list of people to see, fellowship takes time and energy and is about building relationship with our fellow brothers and sisters. It is the basis on which church is formed and people are cared for. We can do nothing on our own for very long.


God has asked us to do one simple thing: tell people how He has changed our lives and that He can change theirs. He needs us to get excited about sharing this life with our neighbours; most people don’t realise the incredible benefits of knowing Jesus, it’s up to us to show them.


The Christian life is a constant journey of growth. We need to learn as we grow- to discuss and question ideas and scriptures. This is a part of discipleship. It gives us a firm foundation on which we can build faith so that when we are test- ed we are sure of who we are in God. Accountability, biblical teaching and the ability to think are essential!