Leadership Team

Wayne Jones – Pastor

God has called me to Pastor Lighthouse church in Sebastopol. I am blessed and privileged to be entrusted to care, love, and lead the people of Gods church. I am fifty years old, married to Kathy who supports me in the ministry and is a rock in my life. We have three wonderful children, one daughter who is married with three beautiful girls, and so this also makes us grandparents- truly blessed. We also have two sons- one twenty six and one nineteen. I am currently studying from home at Mattersby Bible College. This is the vision God has given me for the church:

A light on the hill, Impact the community, Reach and save the lost, love everyone with the love of Jesus, Growing the kingdom of God.

Kathy Jones – Worship Leader

My name is Kathy and I am married to Wayne the Pastor at lighthouse church. I am privileged to have been called as Worship Leader of Lighthouse church and pray God will continue to anoint my life which will enable me to lead Gods people into worship, not only in singing but also with prayer, and into the full presence of God in all areas of my life which will allow His presence to live and work through me as we both journey together along the path that God directs us.

Bruce Page – Founding Pastor

Lighthouse Church was founded by AOG World Missions in 2011 by Pastor Bruce Page who has now returned to America.